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Top 5 Tips: How to Manage Candidate Database for Recruiters

09 Dec 2021 / Guides

During the Recruitment process, you may receive more applications than really needed. These applications are not trash, instead, it is the most propitious asset for you in near future. But only a limited number of recruiters maintain a database containing candidates’ details. Maintaining a clean and systematic database isn’t an easy task because it is a prolonged and laborious task. However, creatively managing a candidate database has many benefits like:

  • It helps to streamline the recruitment process.
  • Talent acquisition will be easier 
  • Recruitment will become a mechanized, uncomplicated, and relaxed process.
  • More efficient placements.
  • It facilitates better communication between recruiters and candidates.
  • It constitutes a strong and worthwhile talent pool.

 Recruiters maintain a candidate database that includes all information about active candidates, passive candidates, and applicants. Candidate databases are much more than candidate profiles, it is one of the important sources of placement. Both organizations and recruiters benefit from the candidate database. If you possess a valuable database with high-quality candidates during recruitment, top talents are available at your fingertips, and can hire them without any reluctance and adjournment. Accordingly, managing a potent candidate database is vital.

Here are a few tips which make your candidate database more manageable and intelligible.

  1. Always plan in advance

          Planning is always essential in every sphere of business likewise in the HR department too. In HR activities, planning ensures that only top talent fills the vacancies and avoids employee shortages or surpluses. Always organize a plan to have a manageable candidate database. Systematically specify your aims and objectives and prepare certain questions like what, when, where, why, who, how, etc. Once these are done you can easily initiate the hiring tasks. A candidate database should be prepared much earlier than the hiring process starts. When vacancies are there and the hiring process kickoff data can be directly entered into the database without any setback. 

  1. Applicant Tracking System

Clearly, the Applicant Tracking System plays a remarkable role in managing the candidate databases. It has been used since the 1990s and has become the most popular tool used by HR professionals. ATS reduces the time and resources required during the recruitment process with AI automation features. By using an ATS you can increase your talent pool and thin out the candidate pool as well. It provides a data-centric approach to the recruitment process and helps to converge all data and hiring information in one place. This allows you to see all candidate profiles immediately and can integrate with different career sites, job boards, and social media also. Indeed an Applicant Tracking System is unavoidable to manage candidate database effectively.

  1. Avoid Duplication 

When you add a new candidate profile to your database, you should probably know whether this profile already exists or not. This is because duplicate profiles will only make your database disorganized and also cost you valuable time and resources. An ATS will avoid these duplicate entries made in the database otherwise it becomes a very difficult and time-consuming process for you. You can also merge these profiles to existing profiles using an ATS. So to avoid duplication of data in your database make sure your ATS software is capable of identifying those duplicates and keep your data well organized and manageable.

  1. Routine cleanups are necessary

Your database needs to be cleaned regularly. Due to unwanted processed activities, your database may be corrupted and unmanageable. Many ATS provide an automated database cleansing process. This indeed saves your time, money, and effort. Database cleanup includes checking duplicate data, eliminating unnecessary information, etc. It is better to hire an intern or freelancer to organize and continuously monitor your database periodically. 

  1. Stay in touch with your candidates

There should be a continuous process of regular communication with your candidates. Sending automated emails and text messages will make sure there exists a good relationship with candidates. Keeping in touch with passive candidates as well. So when there is a need for their expertise, you can easily reach them out. Passionately engaging with your candidates helps you to build trust and allows you to know them intensely. Building a rapport with them is very important which will save your time and resources as well.

Managing your candidate database is not an effortless task but its benefits are many. Quality candidates are always an advantage during the recruitment process. So it is time to be up to date with the various techniques in managing your candidate database. Adopting smart software will reduce the time spend on managing your database and makes your task effortless and more effective. Today’s small steps will make wonder in future, keep in mind and staunchly move towards innovative systems and reap the benefits in future. All the best.

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