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Applicant Tracking System for business

01 Dec 2021 / Recruiting

Applicant Tracking System

Technology has a remarkable impact on all aspects of the world and recruitment is no exception. The traditional recruitment process was truly complicated and protracted. With the advent of technology, Modern recruitment methods have come up. State-of-the-art of recruitment is advantageous to both recruiter and candidates.

Honestly, the most effective jump was the innovation of the Applicant Tracking System. At present 98.8% of Fortune companies use ATS and has become a momentous component for recruitment. ATS was introduced in the ’90s and the initial versions were very basic as a storage solution for job applications. But today, it helps to keep track of all the stages of the recruitment process. Now, the leading question is what is ATS?

What are Applicant Tracking Systems?

An Applicant Tracking System or ATS is an applicant tracking system used by recruiters to simplify the recruitment process. It is a type of software that provides recruiting and hiring tools to minimize the recruitment process in an organization. It is mostly used by the human resource department of a company to manage and organize the entire process of recruiting.

ATS accelerates the whole process and therefore saves recruiters time. It is accessible from the beginning of the recruitment process till the end. Present ATS software has plenty of utile features that help recruiters in numerous ways. It helps to source candidates from diverse channels, scan, sort, and organize resumes, track and manage candidates, and single out the best and proficient candidates. It increases the productivity and capabilities of recruiters and aids them to attract top talents. It saves time and provides consistency in the entire process.

Benefits of using Applicant Tracking Systems

  1. ATS saves time and money for the organization

When we compare ATS with conventional recruitment methods it saves much time because now each step in the process is done within seconds rather than many hours for a recruiter. So that recruiters can devote their time to other important works.

Since ATS automates time-consuming tasks it is a cost-effective method also. Automation cuts down repetitive tasks and makes the recruitment process easier and provides recruiters with more time to discover the best candidates.

  1. ATS makes job posting more simple

ATS helps to post jobs to draw the attention of potential candidates. ATS allows recruiters to post jobs on various platforms within seconds especially on social media. And there is no need to track these posts because ATS will collect the abstracts from each social media platform. It also allows recruiters to use job descriptions multiple times. This also helps to source candidates from multiple channels. In addition to this ATS  fastens the recruitment process by allowing to source multiple candidates on multiple platforms.

  1. ATS helps in better handling of applications

ATS allows candidates to apply from anywhere, anytime, and to submit applications instantly and allows better communication between recruiters and candidates also. This results in receiving countless applications which cannot be managed manually by a recruiter. ATS is equipped with Artificial Intelligence that emulates human thoughts and provides better analysis of all applications. It minimizes the time used and figures out repeated applications also. Thus ATS is effective in managing applications by the recruitment team. ATS is also responsible for the maintenance of the candidate database.

  1. ATS helps in screening candidates

ATS stores resume and the complete information regarding candidates are easily accessible. ATS parses the resumes of the candidates, it allows recruiters to analyze resumes and this makes filtering of candidates easier and quick. They detect important information from the resumes and can arrange that information based on elements like educational qualification, skills, experience, etc. It also allows recruiters to rank the candidates. So ATS helps to evaluate candidate resumes, single out compatible candidates, and exclude undesirable resumes.

  1. ATS uses keywords or AI algorithms

Further filtering of candidates is done by using Keywords searches. A recruiter can search for a distinct word or phrase. ATS searches these keywords in resumes and filter appropriate candidates that contain the keywords. Only those candidates who match the keywords are preferred by recruiters. This helps recruiters to locate the top best candidates from the troop of candidates.

AI-powered ATS helps in decision-making and uses candidate data to find the top best candidates quickly and easily.

  1. ATS automate candidate ranking

ATS helps recruiters to decide which candidate is best for the organization through an automated candidate ranking feature. This again cut down the number of preferred candidates. This allows recruiters to check whether the skills and qualifications of the candidates are identical to the requirements of the organization. This helps to shortlist the best candidates without bias.

  1. ATS helps to schedule interviews

After shortlisting of candidates, the next step is to interview the candidates. ATS seeks proper time for interviewers and schedule job interviews in advance to reduce unforeseen issues. ATS also uses communication tools to communicate with candidates and interviewers to make the process effective.

It also provides interviewers with scorecards to rate candidates during the interview.

  1. ATS provides the best offer management strategy

Once a candidate is done with the interview ATS also allows recruiters to pass offers to candidates through offer management software. It provides many offer letter templates and makes the recruitment process instantaneous, straightforward and transparent.


In addition to these perquisites, an ATS provides the ability to automate repetitive tasks, keeps track of the whole recruitment process, promotes collaborative hiring, and improves the employer branding of a company. So undoubtedly Application Tracking Systems are incredibly beneficial for recruiters and have become an inevitable part of every recruiter’s career. If you want to explore more about ATS or looking for the finest Applicant Tracking System, Visit our website https://www.hirekwik.co/.

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